Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Will there be anything else sir?

The Supreme Court has a new job description: Covering Bush's crooked backside.

The hell with checks and balances, the hell with the Constitution and the hell with you.

"By a margin of six to three, the justices rejected an appeal by Padilla, a
Chicago-area man who federal authorities say was part of a plot to set off a
radioactive device. He has been held since his arrest in 2002, much of that time
incommunicado in a navy brig.

As far as the Bush administration is concerned, anyone who insists Jose
Padilla must have his day in court is living in a dream world. Critics, the
president's supporters say, have utterly failed to grasp the magnitude of the
times. The U.S. is at war against evil, an elusive foe. In the fight to keep
America safe from terrorism, the president claims sweeping authority, even the
power to deprive his fellow citizens of due process, if it seems important to national security."

Boston Herald

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