Monday, April 24, 2006

John Gibson's Latest.

I can't believe that anyone takes Fox News seriously. It's just amazing that there are people stupid enough to believe the garbage that the right wing, loud mouthed, bunch of pussies at Fox shovel out.

All the major media news outlets are a pretty lame bunch, but Fox News is head and shoulders above them all. There is no organization that is more anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-human rights than Fox News. Al Queda may be close.

John Gibson, the man who said, "It's when America has no problems that people vote Democrat, out of guilt. But when you want something done -- and done right, mind you -- America votes Republican.", is advocating that anyone doesn't agree with Bush should be locked up and that Crawford's village idiot should have dictatorial powers.

What is really going on here is the secret war by CIA-types against
President Bush and his policies. This is the group inside the CIA — think Valerie Plame — who think
their opinions and analysis of the world should trump whatever it is the
president thinks. If the president goes against their opinion, they call The New
York Times and start leaking embarrassing stuff.

It's a war against Bush, waged by Americans.

It's wrong, it's illegal and people are going to start going to jail.
That's good.

Next up? Whoever was leaking to James Risen of The New York

His story about the secret NSA wiretapping program probably did damage to
national security, because it may have tipped off Al Qaeda that we could listen
to their cell phone conversations to people inside this country.

Now that the secret prisons leaker is out of the way, the counter-leaking
team over at the CIA can concentrate on Risen's leaker. With any luck, we will
soon hear the sound of the jail house door slamming... again.

That's My

Don't forget my radio show.

And remember, there are people out there who actually believe this crap.

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