Monday, April 17, 2006

Supporting the Iraqi death squads.

The things we do, in order to feed the meat grinder that George Bush describes as a "noble purpose".

Everyday we hear of executed, tortured bodies found in Iraq. A disturbing number of them are Sunni that appear to have been tortured and killed by the Shiite controlled Iraqi security forces.

And now we find that it is the U.S.A. equipping and supporting these death squads.

WASHINGTON -- U.S. officials are doling out millions of
of arms and ammunition to Iraqi police units without safeguards
required to ensure they are complying with American laws that ban
taxpayer-financed assistance for foreign security forces engaged in human-rights
violations, according to an internal State Department review.

The previously undisclosed review shows that officials failed to take steps
to comply with the laws over the past two years, amid mounting reports of
torture and murder by Shiite-dominated Iraqi security forces. The review comes
at a time when the U.S. military emphasis in Iraq has switched to training and
equipping Iraqi forces to replace American troops.

So much for the "good" news coming out of Iraq.

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