Thursday, April 27, 2006

They actually think that dismantling FEMA will help?

Based on the performance of FEMA during and after Hurricane Katrina, a Senate report recommends dismantling the agency and completely rebuilding it, while keeping it under the authority of DHS.

Using that logic, we had just as well dismantle the entire U.S. Government.

Didn't FEMA work pretty well before Bush and the Republicans were in charge?

Hurricane Katrina exposed flaws in the Federal Emergency Management Agency
and the Department of Homeland Security that are "too substantial to mend," and
FEMA should be dismantled and rebuilt inside the troubled department, according
to the final report by Senate investigators.

The report, to be released to key senators today and to the public next
week, makes 86 recommendations that would undo major changes made when President
Bush and Congress launched the department in 2003, and would reverse parts of a
reorganization ordered by Secretary Michael Chertoff last summer. It stops short
of restoring FEMA to independent, Cabinet-level status, as many in Congress and
former agency directors want, but would promote its chief to confer directly
with the president in a crisis, according to a summary released to news

Good luck! Hurricane season starts in a month.

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