Saturday, April 08, 2006

Apparently Some Republicans Have a Conscience.

And some people don't believe in evolution.

House Republican efforts to forge a budget blueprint for the coming fiscal
year collapsed last night amid acrimony and name-calling, as the fissures
between GOP moderates and conservatives once again burst into the open.

Conservative Republicans demanded more spending cuts. Moderate Republicans
demanded more spending on health, education and labor programs.

But the budget collapse meant any final deal will have to wait until after
the spring recess, depriving Republicans of some bragging rights ahead of the
April 17 tax deadline. The deal, which could cost the Treasury as much as $70
billion, could falter anyway in the Senate if Democrats can show provisions to
offset that cost are nothing more than gimmicks.

Yeah, but will the Democrats get up on their hind legs and do their job?

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  1. Why should be ever be asked (taxed) to pay our debt when we can just borrow more money from China until they call in the debt on our grandkids; let them pay it.


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