Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dueling children's books.

Can't you just picture it, two 1st graders on the playground squaring off, one a little liberal, one a little conservative. The one named little Rush, after his daddy's hero, telling little Al to wait just a minute. Little Rush running off to hire the 4th grade bully to put a whooping on little Al.

While I think the notion of children's propaganda books is a tad strange. If you check out the books I believe you'll notice a difference in style and a difference in the way the books are promoted that pretty well encapsulates the whole liberal/conservative points of view.

WorldNetDaily used quotes from known drug addict Rush Limbaugh in it's book review:

Once again we find conservatives able to be totally honest about who liberals
are," said Limbaugh, praising DeBrecht for her observation that liberals oppose
religion, traditional families, and the free market because those institutions
are obstacles to eliminating personal responsibility and establishing a welfare
state. "And I'm telling you, the liberals cringe – they go ape! – when you dare
be honest about them. They call it an attack!"

"Our hat is off here to
Katharine DeBrecht, the author of 'Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed,'"
concluded Limbaugh.

BuzzFlash uses quotes from the book in it's review:

"Why Mommy is a Democrat" is a short book for very young children, but it gets
its point across in an endearing, embracing story. How can you argue with a page
that declares, "Democrats make sure everyone is treated fairly, just like Mommy
Does," or, "Democrats make sure sick people are able to see a doctor, just like
Mommy does"?

It's "Christopher Robin"-like illustrations make for the
ideal traditional children's nighttime tale. And, unlike "Help! Mom! There Are
Liberals Under My Bed!", it's true!

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