Friday, April 28, 2006

I'll have some of what she's smoking.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned Turkish leaders to stay out of Iraq and that the U.S. would handle the problem of Kurdish incursions into Turkey.

Sounds good and tough, but unless the Turks live in the same fantasy land that the current administration does, it really doesn't mean too much.

How Ms. Rice proposes to either stop the Turks from coming to Iraq or keeping the Kurds from going into Turkey is anyone's guess.

The best information I can get is that the American Military is stretched too thin to do anything more than protect themselves, at best.

We're loaning sailors to the Army right now, so that Bush can keep up the pretence that we are actually accomplishing something in Iraq other than sheer survival.

Ms. Rice, you might be fooling some people in this country, but I doubt if you're fooling the Turks. And I know you're not fooling the Kurds.

You got to face it, your boss has ruined the military ground forces in his ill-advised adventure into Iraq. And he didn't even get the oil.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice assured Turkish leaders on Tuesday
that the United States would step up efforts to stop the infiltration of Kurdish
insurgents from Iraq into Turkey, but she warned the Turkish government not to
send troops into Iraq to do the job.

Addressing what has become a new irritant in relations with Turkey, Rice
acknowledged that the problem of infiltration by Kurdish rebels into Turkey from
Kurdish regions in northern Iraq had been allowed to grow.

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