Tuesday, April 11, 2006

White House boy toy back in news.

Pseudo journalist and male prostitute James Guckert, AKA Jeff Gannon is back in the news.

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) have managed to get ahold of the Secret Service logs on entries and exits from the White House and a strange situation it seems.

Read The Raw Story's great article on the gaps in the logs and get caught up on the male prostitute who rubbed elbows, and who knows what else, with the conservative, uberChristians in the White House.

Who do you think Gannon/Guckert was cuddling up to in the White House?

In what is unlikely to stem the controversy surrounding disgraced White
House correspondent James Guckert, the Secret Service has furnished logs of
writer’s access to the White House after requests by two Democratic

The documents, obtained by Rep. Louise Slaughter
(D-NY) and Rep. John
Conyers (D-MI) through a Freedom of Information Act
request, reveal Guckert had
remarkable access to the White House. Though he
wrote under the name Jeff
Gannon, the records show that he applied with his
real name.

Gannon’s ready access to President Bush and his work for a
news agency that
frequently plagiarized content from other reporters and
tailored it to serve a
conservative message may raise new questions about
the White House’s attempts to
seed favorable news coverage. Democrats have
sought to paint Guckert in the
context of other efforts by the
Administration to “plant” positive spin by
paying for video news releases
and columnists to espouse their views.
The rest of the story and the logs.

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