Monday, April 24, 2006

Look at all the Right Wing Crap you can get for just $4.99.

It's amazing and it's true. For just $4.99, just a little more than a gallon of gas, you can receive enough right wing garbage to make you dumber than dirt.

Not only can you get Ann Coulter's new book Godless, hot off the presses, but you can get even more worthless Republican paper with a four month free supply of NewsMax Magazine.

Just think, for less than five dollars you will have everything you need to get your own spot on Fox News. You'll receive enough paper to warm your home for a week this winter. Hey, this stuff is cheaper than toilet paper.

So check out the Right's latest attempt to propagandize the ignorant:

Ann Coulter's long-awaited new book is due out in June – but it's already
creating major media buzz.

The Drudge Report says that "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" is such a hot
item that Ann Coulter "received one of the largest advances paid to a
conservative author" for the manuscript.

In her book, Ann holds nothing back in detailing liberalism's war on religion
and yes, God. Reportedly, chapter titles include "On the Seventh Day God Rested
and Liberals Schemed" and "The Holiest Sacrament: Abortion."

For sure, copies of Ann's latest will sell out fast – so reserve your copy
today at an incredibly low price. This book retails for almost $28 – so with our
offer you'll save almost $23 off the retail price.

Plus, you get NewsMax Magazine:

Each month in NewsMax Magazine you'll read hard-hitting investigative reports,
with special commentaries from Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Bill O'Reilly, Dick
Morris, Ed Koch, John Stossel, David Limbaugh, Thomas Sowell, Michael Reagan,
Christopher Ruddy and many others.

That's more pussies than Hugh Hefner's seen in the last 20 years.

Be sure to take advantage, just call 1-800-IMADUMBASS

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