Monday, April 10, 2006

Strange things happen if your energy policy isn't being dictated by petroleum companies.

Energy from sewage, now that's clever.

The White House alone should be able to power the whole Eastern Seaboard.

OSLO (Reuters) - In an extreme energy project tapping heat from
raw sewage
, Oslo's citizens are helping to warm their homes and offices
simply by flushing the toilet.

Large blue machines at the end of a 300-meter long tunnel in a hillside in
central Oslo use fridge technology to suck heat from the sewer and transfer it
to a network of hot water pipes feeding thousands of radiators and taps around
the city.

"When people have been out to parties there's a lot of beer going into the
sewer," said Oyvind Nilsen, the project manager for the Oslo plant.

Those Norwegians have their priorities right. Save the planet, drink more beer.

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  1. That will never happen here in the United States. The days of trying to save the environment are over. Well as long as republicans are in office. They are about keeping the people who are rich where they are. Not allowing for new businesses to open and flourish.


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