Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Real Deal, Al Gore in 2008.

Look's like Al may be back.

With Hillary moving farther to the right, to try for support that she's never going to get anyway and her vote to give George and Barbara's idiot child the U.S. Military to play with in Iraq, this could be great news.

From the NY Daily News:

Exclusive: Gore Hires Neel
Al Gore is getting the band back together.
Gore spokesman Mike Feldman confirms that the former Vice President is hiring Roy Neel, a key aide on his 2000 presidential campaign and the manager of Howard Dean's 2004 run, to coordinate a new push on his main cause, global warming.

Gore's new movie and book are raising his profile as the nation's leading voice of warning about a coming climate crisis, but Feldman told The Daily Politics Neel's role is not connected to the book or film, but to a broader agenda.

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