Thursday, April 27, 2006

Government says wounded troops owe it money.

It's bad enough that American troops were put into the position that they're in, but now the government says they owe it money for various BS reasons.

Forced to fight in a war, knowingly started on false information, these troops are now being badgered by the government and threatened with private collection agencies.

And it's not just the wounded, they're going after the KIA's too.

This is one sorry bunch running the country. No effort is spared to make life better for the wealthy and big business. But for someone that has actually served and sacrificed for the country there's scorn and disrespect. I guess they thought they'd try to create a little surplus to offset the deficit.

They're blaming it on old, faulty computers. Have you seen the military's budget? If you believe it is a computer problem, I'm sure you think Saddam participated in 9/11.

Nearly 900 soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan have been saddled with
government debts as they have recovered from war, according to a report that
describes collection notices going out to veterans with brain damage, paralysis,
lost limbs and shrapnel wounds.

The report from the Government Accountability Office, to be released at a
hearing today, details how long-recognized problems with military computer
systems led to the soldiers being dunned for an array of debts related to
everything from errors in paychecks to equipment left behind on the

In one case cited in the GAO report, the debts meant that a soldier's
family had no money to pay bills and had to send an 11-year-old daughter to live
out of state.

At today's hearing, Army and Defense Department officials are expected to
testify about what is being done to correct the problem. A database of soldiers
wounded in action has been created, but the GAO suggested that more needs to be
done, including congressional action to forgive more soldiers' debts and provide
refunds in certain cases.

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