Friday, April 07, 2006

South America Leads Way on Democracy. Bushoviks Worried.

This must be one of them pendulum swinging things.

Used to be South American countries were ruled by corrupt, right-wing, fascist dictators, usually installed by us to further U.S. business interests.

Now they're electing populist leaders that actually give a damn about the people.

While here in the U.S., well, you know.

You go South America, maybe we can learn from you.

LIMA, PERU – Venezuelans have a president who supports peasant land grabs, gives
Cuba free oil, and makes dirty jokes about the US secretary of State on national
TV. Bolivia recently elected a former llama herder who wears a woolly sweater to
formal diplomatic functions and is dedicated to stopping the US eradication of
coca, the leaf from which cocaine is made.
But if Peru's presidential
front-runner Ollanta Humala - a retired Army officer with no governing
experience - emerges victorious after Sunday's vote, he soon may give
Venezuela's Hugo Chávez and Bolivia's Evo Morales a run for their money as the
South American leader most worrying to Washington.

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