Friday, April 14, 2006

Indiana republicans lease toll road to foreign company.

Have Bush's tax cuts so impoverished Indiana that they have to lease it out bit by bit?

This is just incredible. What has happened to our country? Bush? Republicans? Greed? Corruption? All of the above?

In the biggest highway
deal in U.S. history, state officials Wednesday signed an
agreement Wednesday to turn the 157-mile Indiana Toll Road over to a foreign
consortium that will operate it for a profit for the next 75

Under the lease, Spanish-Australian consortium Cintra-Macquarie
would pay
the state $3.8 billion up front and be responsible for operating
and maintaining
the highway. It would get to keep the toll revenue it

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said the upfront payment would
help pay for other
transportation projects and create jobs.

Typical Republican logic, do away with good paying government jobs with benefits, so a private company can make a few bucks by exploiting workers.

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