Monday, April 17, 2006

GOP prostitutes itself to the Religious Right.

The Republican party is hardly what you would call a moral party. Oh, they talk the talk, but they sure don't walk the walk. Just check the news if you don't believe me.

But this doesn't matter to the self-righteous, aggrandizing Religious Right, who only want to replace our Constitution with their version of "Heaven on Earth". The Hell with the rest of us who don't agree with their vision. As long as the Republicans assist, the Religious Right will sing their praises from the pulpit.

And this doesn't matter to the Republican party as long as they get their votes and don't interfere with the GOP's plan to turn the coffers of the government over to big business. The Republicans will gladly trade lip service for votes.

This is what's known as a symbiotic relationship, common in nature. What's uncommon about this relationship is that it involves two parasites feeding off each other. Yet it seems to benefit both. It's a strange story, indeed.

And here's the latest chapter in that story.

WASHINGTON -- Protection of marriage amendment? Check. Anti-flag burning
legislation? Check. New abortion limits? Check.

Between now and the November elections, Republicans are penciling in
plans to take action on social issues important to religious conservatives, the
foundation of the GOP base, as they defend their congressional majority.

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