Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Supidity Personified.

How do we lose election after election to these guys?

No longer showing any pretense at working for the people of this country, House Republicans hid behind closed doors to stop a $5 billion over five years raise in taxes on oil companies.

House and Senate tax writers have been struggling to reach an accord on
separate tax bills approved last year to extend some expiring tax cuts enacted
during President Bush's first term. But House Republicans have raised strong
objections to Senate-passed provisions that would raise nearly $5 billion in
taxes over five years -- primarily by changing arcane accounting rules that have
allowed oil companies to substantially lower their tax bills, according to House
and Senate tax aides familiar with the talks.

The actions of Republicans hashing out a tax bill behind closed doors
indicate that, despite tough talk from the White House and Capitol Hill, the
party is not ready to hit the oil companies hard -- even on measures that have
broad support in the Senate.

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