Sunday, April 23, 2006

For my friends at the Muskogee V.A.

You all do such a great job. It's a shame you have to work under an idiot President and scum like Anthony J. Principi.

In a typical Republican get rich quick off the taxpayers scam, Anthony J. Principi left a firm with V.A. contracts to become Veterans Affairs Secretary.

And here's the story of how he ripped off you and the veterans that are in your care.

WASHINGTON — A Diamond Bar company headed by former Veterans Affairs
Secretary Anthony J. Principi could get fees exceeding $1 billion from the VA,
much of it on contracts approved and amended while he ran the agency, records

Principi was president of the medical services company QTC Management Inc.
before he joined President Bush's Cabinet in 2001. He ran the VA for four years,
then returned to the firm as chairman of the board.

While he was VA secretary, Principi's past and future corporate home
collected about $246 million in fees, according to VA records. Congressional
Budget Office projections show the contracts could be worth as much as $1.2
billion through 2008.

Principi's firm administers medical exams to veterans seeking disability
assistance. It also examines soldiers before they are discharged. The results of
the exams play a substantial role in VA disability benefit decisions.

A QTC hearing exam, for instance, averaged $495.55 compared with $89.80 for
an in-house VA exam. Even with an adjustment for possible hidden VA costs, the
difference exceeded 400%. For a general medical exam, QTC's average fee was
$393.52 compared with the VA's $225.58, the consultants found. They recommended
further cost-comparison studies, but such an analysis was not done.

Now just how stupid is that? There's evidence that this slimeball's company was denying benefits to veterans to pad their own profits. This is a pretty long article, hope you can still have a good day after reading it.

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