Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Donald J. Trump, Infant in Chief.

     Poor little Donnie, he has no one to relate to, other than the billionaires that he surrounds himself with and a few remaining despots around the world and all of them get their way except for poor little Donnie.  Oh yeah, and there's about 30% of Americans who seem incapable of rational thought that he rounds up for an occasional ego boost.

     What to do?  What to do?  Well, if the mountain won't come to Trump, then Trump will just blow up the damned mountain!  Now for any Trump voters that might have accidentally stumbled in here, here's what that means, he is more than willing to change the way this government has worked since the beginning and even shutting the government down in order to get his way.  I thought that would bring a smile to your blank faces.

Yeah, just screw the Constitution and shut everything down.  Small price to pay in order to maintain the president's fragile ego. 


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trump + Missiles And Bombs = Well, It Can't Be Very Good

Trump just said this,

President Trump praised the attack as a "very, very successful mission." He indicated that he had given the Pentagon a free hand to use the weapon as part of his vow to step up the war on Islamic State. 
"We have given them total authorization and that’s what they’re doing and frankly that’s why they’ve been so successful lately,” he told reporters at the White House. “If you look at what’s happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really to what’s happened over the past eight years, you’ll see there’s a tremendous difference, tremendous difference.”
WTF?!  Hell, you said the generals were dumb and you knew more than they did, so why did you give them control?  If you were in charge, there would be world peace by now.

Is it part of your clever plan to show the American people just how stupid the generals really are compared to you?  I'll bet you knew that the missile strike against that Syrian airbase, 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles @ 1.87 million a pop wouldn't accomplish anything.  You could spend about 35 weekends at Mar-A-Lago for what them stupid generals wasted on that mission.

And the MOAB drop, I guess the generals just wanted to see a big boom, cause ISIS is pretty much a done deal in Afghanistan.

It may be tempting to see this as evidence that the US is increasingly worried about ISIS’s influence in the country. But the truth appears to be closer to the opposite: ISIS’s forces have dropped by about 75 percent since their peak in late 2015, and the group has lost significant territory since then.
“By NATO's own estimates, it's something like 800 fighters countrywide, a big drop over past year,” Colin Cookman, an Afghanistan expert at the United States Institute of Peace, tweeted.
Brilliant move, I'm sure all the generals will be begging you to take charge after this.

Seriously, the missiles and bomb didn't do near the damage that the cheerleading media and politicians did.  Imagine, making this simpleton believe he did something good, now he's conditioned to believe that bombing and missiles are all he needs to get some praise.  Horrible precedent you guys set.

Next up, maybe:  Can we afford the Trump family?


Arkansas Executions, An Early Christmas for Conservatives.

Now, I'm not saying these guys aren't guilty or even that they don't deserve death, however I am saying that governments that kill their own is not a good thing, for obvious reasons.  I live right next door to Arkansas in Oklahoma and I have noticed that conservative government officials seem to exhibit a tad too much glee when execution time nears.

But conservatives certainly don't want to be considered squishy liberals, so one way to prove their he-manliness to their fellow conservatives is by killing things and parroting what they hear on Fox "News" to each other to show their supposed intellectuality to each other.

Now as for the "killing things" part, I understand it because when I was a kid, I'd get off the bus, walk down the driveway, go in the front door, throw down my books, grab my shotgun or .22, head out the back door and kill things and I killed many things, I thought this was a rite of passage, something you had to do to be considered a man, but I was young and incredibly stupid.

Arkansas Governor Hutchinson and Attorney General Rutledge aren't young, but they are very, very conservative.  Here's what the Governor had to say,

"I have a responsibility to the voters, I have a responsibility to my oath of office, but I also have responsibility to a higher power, God and eternity, and I understand that," he said.
 "I feel comfortable in my understanding of my responsibilities both in terms of faith and scripture and in terms of as governor.
I'm sure he's referring to that passage in the New Testament where Jesus says, "Damned straight, kill 'em all!  You're a bunch of pussies if you don't."

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge who describes herself as a "Christian, pro-life, gun carrying, woman" which, no doubt, caused the most erections in Arkansas  since Sarah Palin, is just all a-holes and elbows making sure the Lord's work is done to send these cons to hell.

You know, I believe it would be a good idea if we just let these good Christians do it like they did in the good old days, bring these guys to the state capitol, order a couple of truckloads of bricks, charge twenty bucks a brick and just stone the hell out of 'em.

You're pussies if you don't.

Next up:  Trump +  missiles and bombs = can't be good


Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un or Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dumber.

Each started out as spoiled rich kids, pampered and groomed to believe that they are a higher order of human being than most.  They both live in a world devoid of reality, actual reality.  Trump's reality is one framed by Fox "News", Limbaugh, Alex Jones and anyone he talked to last.  Kim seems to believe that reality is what ever he wants it to be.  And both head nations that have nuclear capabilities. 

And they each owe Russia for their current positions.


Friday, June 05, 2015

The Comprehensive 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Guide. Jeb Bush, The Smart One?

I forgot just how much research has to go into one of these.  Life is so much simpler for the simple, turn on Fox "News", veg out and just let the bullshit fill my little brain.  Alas, my little brain is semi-functioning, so research and sources it is.

First up of the dregs of humanity is John Ellis "JebBush, son of a former president and brother of Crawford, Texas' village idiot, until he moved to Dallas after he tired of playing cowboy for publicity purposes.

Jeb was kinda considered a lovable underachiever by his parents, he was only worth 1.3 million.

Florida’s culture of get-rich-quickism probably held out a particular appeal to Jeb. It’s part of the Bush-family tradition to light out for the territory, reinvent oneself, and make one’s fortune before entering public service. Making money always comes first. Jeb’s grandfather left Ohio to become a banker in the Northeast. Jeb’s father left the Northeast to become a Texas oilman. W., by this standard, didn’t roll very far from the tree, but he did make money in the energy business and Major League Baseball before starting his political career.
But Jeb's been making the old folks proud by making money for the last eight years,  And he did it all on his own.  That's my sarcasm font.
Jeb, of all the Bushes, probably had the fewest assets before entering public office, and when he left Tallahassee, he was worth $1.3 million, which for the Bushes isn’t very much. His work space at the Biltmore is surprisingly unfussy (until January, he worked in a suite that didn’t even have its own bathroom). But the real-estate market went bananas during his time as governor. It must have whetted his appetite for a finer life. When I ask Howard Leach, one of Jeb’s most loyal fund-raisers, what the governor has been doing for the last eight years, he answers very matter-of-factly: “He’s been trying to rebuild his net worth.” And so he’s been sitting on corporate boards, doing real-estate deals with his son, hitting the speaking circuit.
Just like the rest of us common folk.

Just an example of the work that Jeb did was a liaison mission to a Mexican billionaire for that paragon of business ethics, Lehman Brothers.

Based on records and interviews that show that Jeb Bush participated in the “fevered, last-ditch efforts to prop up Lehman Brothers, a Wall Street bank weighed down by toxic mortgage-backed securities,” The Times learned about Bush’s failed mission, which was unknown until now. The daily says that emails show that as a paid adviser to the company in 2008, Jeb Bush met with Slim Helú as Lehman sought to persuade the world’s second richest man to make a sizable investment in the firm.

Disparately  Seeking Sugar Daddy

Now we all know that all the Republican sugar babies are looking for a daddy to bankroll their efforts to convince us that they really, really care about those ninety-something percent of us whose only use to them is our vote.  Fortunately for the GOP there are more than enough really, really intellectually lazy people who will vote against their own best interests to make one Republican's dream come true.

So, how's Jeb doing in his sucking up mode?  Well, he's been getting a ton of dough thru his super PAC, Right to Rise, which claims, in part.

We believe passionately that the Right to Rise — to move up the income ladder based on merit, hard work and earned success — is the central moral promise of American economic life. We are optimists who believe that America’s opportunities have never been greater than they are right now. But we know America is falling short of its promise.  
Millions of our fellow citizens across the broad middle class feel as if the American Dream is now out of their reach; that our politics are petty and broken; that opportunities are elusive; and that the playing field is no longer fair or level. Too many of the poor have lost hope that a path to a better life is within their grasp. While the last eight years have been pretty good ones for top earners, they’ve been a lost decade for the rest of America. We are not leading – at home or abroad.
 Is that a crock?  Of course.  Nowhere except in Right Wing Fantasyland does anyone believe that there can be a mass movement up the income ladder thru merit, hard work and earned success.  Nice thought, but the real world don't work that way.

And "the last eight years"?  Shows you just how gullible Jeb and the GOP thinks we are.

Looks like the vast majority of us started getting screwed by St. Ronald, the patron saint of the GOP.

But enough about our problems, Jeb still hasn't found a billionaire to sign his dance card.

Good news is that the Koch brothers have Jeb in their final five.

But in an interview with USA Today, Charles Koch revealed the candidates that he and his brother David likely will stand behind leading up to the presidential primaries in early 2016. They are – all Republicans – Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.
Really!?  Are all billionaires whackadoos?

Anyway, our intrepid Jeb perseveres by pretending that he's not running yet so that he can take advantage of the unlimited and unnamed contributions that he can get before he declares.  Told you, he's the smart one.

WASHINGTON — Jeb Bush is under growing pressure to acknowledge what seems obvious to some voters and election lawyers: He is running for president.
The lawyers say Mr. Bush, a former Florida governor, is stretching the limits of election law by crisscrossing the country, hiring a political team and raising tens of millions of dollars at fund-raisers, all without declaring — except once, by mistake — that he is a candidate.  
Some election experts say Mr. Bush passed the legal threshold to be considered a candidate months ago, even if he has not formally acknowledged it. Federal law makes anyone who raises or spends $5,000 in an effort to become president a candidate and thus subject to fund-raising, spending and disclosure rules. Greater latitude is allowed for those who, like Mr. Bush, say they are merely “testing the waters” for a possible run.                                                                                                                                                      
“When you look at the totality of the activities, could a reasonable person conclude anything other than that he is seeking the presidency?” asked Karl J. Sandstrom, a campaign finance lawyer who served on the Federal Election Commission.                                                                                                                                                                       For a candidate to avoid restrictions by simply not declaring his candidacy, he said, “makes a mockery of the law.”
And they called Bill Clinton "Slick Willy".

Plus there's always millionaires to cuddle.  Like Coal Barons?

Jeb Bush will convene next week with a clutch of coalmining barons and reliable Republican party donors who have paid at least $7,500 each to huddle in secret with the presidential hopeful at a golfing and fly-fishing retreat in a hidden-away corner of Virginia. 

Bush’s scheduled one-hour speech at the Coal & Investment Leadership Forum will take place at the members-only Olde Farm club in Bristol, Virginia, where the civil war-themed golf tournament is a “cherished tradition”. 
The under-the-radar appearance, which is invitation-only and off-limits to the press, will bring the potential presidential candidate face to face with the owners and chief executives of coalmining and energy companies at a critical time for the energy industry and for Bush’s political ambitions. 
The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to finalize new rules for carbon pollution from power plants this summer, which the coalmining and electricity industries have condemned as a “war on coal”.

Which may explain why Jeb is pretty ambiguous about climate change.

The former Florida governor, who has taken more moderate stances on controversial issues such as immigration and education than many of his Republican White House rivals, is attempting to thread the needle on climate change, energy, and the environment.
 In recent months, Bush has suggested that the United States should adapt to climate change and work with other countries to cut carbon-dioxide emissions while also outlining a moral case for protecting the planet. The green group funded by liberal billionaire Tom Steyer even applauded Bush for saying he was "concerned" about the changing climate. 
That set Bush apart from Republican presidential contenders such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who questions whether global temperatures are rising at all, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who has thrown cold water on the idea that the United States can convince countries like China and India to rein in emissions. 
But Bush is a far cry from being a climate champion. He does not acknowledge the scientific consensus that human activity drives climate change, and he attacks the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency enforcing President Obama's ambitious effort to tackle global warming.
Jeb did, however, give a shout out to those of us who do believe in climate change and science, for that matter.  He said that we were "intellectually arrogant", thanks Jeb.  But then, anyone with an IQ over a 100, maybe 90, would seem intellectually arrogant to the GOP base.

The former Florida governor, who has taken more moderate stances on controversial issues such as immigration and education than many of his Republican White House rivals, is attempting to thread the needle on climate change, energy, and the environment.
In recent months, Bush has suggested that the United States should adapt to climate change and work with other countries to cut carbon-dioxide emissions while also outlining a moral case for protecting the planet. The green group funded by liberal billionaire Tom Steyer even applauded Bush for saying he was "concerned" about the changing climate. 
That set Bush apart from Republican presidential contenders such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who questions whether global temperatures are rising at all, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who has thrown cold water on the idea that the United States can convince countries like China and India to rein in emissions.
Now to end this mess, let's find out which author has had the most influence on him.  Now if this doesn't fuel some dystopian nightmare for you, you're in the wrong place.

Charles Murray, an author who GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently named first when he was asked which books have had a big impact upon him, is not an elected official, so he is free to rail against democracy to his heart’s content. And that is exactly what he does in his new book, By The People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission

Pay no attention to the title. Government “by the people” is the last thing Murray cares to see. Murray admits that the kind of government he seeks, a libertarian fantasy where much of our nation’s regulatory and welfare state has been dismantled, is “beyond the reach of the electoral process and the legislative process.” He also thinks it beyond the branch of government that is appointed by elected officials. The Supreme Court, Murray claims, “destroyed” constitutional “limits on the federal government’s spending authority” when it upheld Social Security in 1937. Since then, the federal government has violated a “tacit compact” establishing that it would not “unilaterally impose a position on the moral disputes that divided America” (Murray traces the voiding of this compact to 1964, the year that Congress banned whites-only lunch counters).         
Murray is probably best known for co-authoring 1994’s The Bell Curve, a quasi-eugenic tract which argued that black people are genetically disposed to be less intelligent that white people. Yet, while The Bell Curvepractically spawned an entire field of scholarship devoted to debunking it,” Murray remains one of the most influential conservative thinkers in America today.
Dr. Murray’s pre-Bell Curve work shaped the welfare reforms enacted in the 1990s. Former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan cited Murray in 2014 to claim that there is a culture of laziness “in our inner cities in particular.” Last April, when Jeb Bush was asked what he liked to read, he replied “I like Charles Murray books to be honest with you, which means I’m a total nerd I guess.” 
So when Murray speaks, powerful and influential men (and his acolytes are, almost invariably, men) listen, including men who shape our nation’s fiscal policy and men who could be president someday. 
By The People, however, rejects outright the idea that Murray’s vision for a less generous and well-regulated society can be achieved through appeals to elected officials — or even through appeals to unelected judges. The government Murray seeks is “not going to happen by winning presidential elections and getting the right people appointed to the Supreme Court.” Rather, By The People, is a call for people sympathetic to Murray’s goals — and most importantly, for fantastically rich people sympathetic to those goals — to subvert the legitimate constitutional process entirely. 

“The emergence of many billion-dollar-plus private fortunes over the last three decades,” Murray writes, “has enabled the private sector to take on ambitious national or even international tasks that formerly could be done only by nation-states.” Murray’s most ambitious proposal is a legal defense fund, which “could get started if just one wealthy American cared enough to contribute, say, a few hundred million dollars,” that would essentially give that wealthy American veto power over much of U.S. law.
I want to thank all the sites that I got material from for doing all the hard work and you for reading it.


Friday, May 29, 2015

The Comprehensive 2016 Presidential Candidate Guide. In The Beginning...

there's going to be a hell of a lot of them.  They're scurrying about like (choose your own metaphor), doing their absolute utmost to find a friendly billionaire to orally satisfy.  Of course, by orally, I mean say what they're paid to say.  I mean, it's not like we can compare these honorable folks to common streetwalkers.  That would be absurd and insulting, 'cause it's my guess that most streetwalkers have principles and ethics.  And I am almost certain that any of the GOP hopefuls would melt if they came in contact with either.

That's why a burnt out, old blogger is trying to rekindle his fire in order to enjoy what is, without a doubt, going to be a gigantic and momentous clusterfck. 

I will try to cover all the contenders, the ones you've heard of, the ones you haven't, the ones you wish you had never heard of and the ones you wish you could forget.

This should be fun.


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Redneck For Obama, Again.

Yeah, I know that I've bad mouthed Barack in the past and it's not like I believe that I was wrong, not even considering that he had every Republican and Blue Dog Democrat in Congress doing their best to make sure that he had a failed presidency, but honestly and with what he was up against, he's done one hell of a job. 

OK, so he ran sounding like a liberal and has so far governed as a moderate, plus I have a great deal of respect and admiration for how he's handled himself and the economic wreck that the conservatives put us in, so, unless you are just plain bat shit crazy, you know, go and vote for Obama/Biden this November.

Honestly, even if you're one of those grumpy old white people who actually believe that Fox News is fair and balanced, Rush Limbaugh and Neil Bortz are great American heros, don't seem to realize that your Social Security and Medicare falls under the "socialism" mantra that you think makes you sound so intellectual, believe that Obama is going to take away your firearms and turn them over to the Black Panthers, that the president was born anywhere other than the United States, gay is a choice and ignorance isn't, if you can't find your butt with both hands or are not able to pour piss out of a boot with the directions printed on the heel, from one old white geezer to another, vote Obama.

That is of course, unless you enjoy bending over and taking it up the backside from the rich and powerful, if that's the case, then enjoy and by all means Vote Romney.