Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Brother, can you spare a dime?

It was great while it lasted. But, because less than half the voters in this country thought putting an idiot in charge was the right thing to do, we're now going bankrupt.

President Bush said on 2/12/04 that "we cut taxes, which basically meant people had more money in their pocket."

Such a simple concept. Less taxes means more money for me. But like any pyramid scheme, it only benefits those at the top. That's why we have an opposition party to hold in check the party that's in power. And what did our delicate Democrats do? They caved. "Ooooh, what would the American people think if we voted against a tax cut?" In other words, they think we're too dumb to know a pyramid scheme when we see it. The Republicans bank on it.

Anyway, here's Adam Hughes' excellent article from; Bankrupt Nation.

The country's fiscal health has been deteriorating rapidly without a sound
steward at the helm, and it seems nobody in Congress or the administration has
the first clue about how to fix it. Worst of all, it appears most members of
Congress have given up trying—preferring instead to invoke fiscal restraint as
an excuse for cutting social service programs they have long wanted to do away

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