Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Veterans Administration: Do You Know Where Your Social Security Number Is?

The Veterans Administration has been negleted and underfunded since Bush became President. Which is incredible, considering all the veterans that he's been cranking out.

We've gone though Anthony J. Principi, who left a company that made it's money on V.A. contracts, ran the V.A. for 4 years, got his old company a billion dollars worth of V.A. contracts, then quit to go back to his old company. You know they were glad to see him back.

The latest incident just smells. A career data analyst took the personal information of 26.5 million vets home with him one day and it just so happens on that very day he was robbed. The perp only took a laptop, external drive and some coins. Could just be coincidence, but I don't know the going rate of 26.5 million SSNs. If mine was one of them, it's worthless. It happened on May 3d, took them long enough to let us know.

As many as 26.5 million veterans were placed at risk of identity theft
after an intruder stole an electronic data file this month containing their
names, birth dates and Social Security numbers from the home of a Department of
Veterans Affairs employee, Secretary Jim Nicholson said yesterday.

The burglary occurred May 3 in Aspen Hill, according to a source with
knowledge of the incident who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the
matter is under investigation.

Here's a statement from the V.A.. Once again, it took them long enough to let us know.

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