Sunday, May 07, 2006

Going after Pombo.

It's about time we cleared the anti-environment industry huggers out of Congress.

Environmental groups are making a concerted effort to rid us of the ecological disaster known as House Resources Committee Chairman Richard W. Pombo (R-Calif.).

Let's wish them all the luck in the world. Because the world depends on getting rid of these money sucking hacks.

BTW, my Democrat Congressman Dan Boren votes right along with Pombo.

In a state where nearly all 53 House members are assured reelection, Pombo is
facing a GOP primary challenge and a serious general election contest. Though he
enjoys the advantages of incumbency, a Republican-leaning district and sizable
campaign coffers, the 14-year congressional veteran is engaged in his first
genuine race in years because of a concerted assault by national environmental

Let's work together to put a stop to elected officials that put their personal interests above the well being of our planet.

Check out Pombo's in Their Pocket.

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