Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iraq, Ask an Idiot, Boeing Bucks, Jesus Handicaps FL, Dems Handicap Themselves and We're #1.

New Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says that Iraq will start taking over security from occupying troops in June with the goal of securing the whole country by the end of the year. Sounds good. Except that the Bush Administration is laying in for the long haul, with their new policy of "containment". And we know how well past Bush policies have worked.

So today’s containment is a furtive policy being developed willy-nilly behind
the scenes, as Bush’s pragmatic second-term officials seek to clean up the vast
Mideast mess left by the ideologues who dominated in the first term. A series of
cautious concepts similar to those that came to dominate the cold war are
emerging as the least worst way of holding off powerful forces that are also
going to be around for along time: disintegration in Iraq, expansion in Iran,
Islamism all over.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is going to ask Bush for advice on Israel's latest plan to impose a West Bank settlement on the Palestinians by relinquishing most of the territory to them for a state.

Now if he wanted advice on how to spy on your own people, I think Bush would be the man to go to.

Aren't there any village idiots in Israel? I mean, imposing on ours while he's busy fundraising, is just a bit much.

Olmert might not get a conclusive answer from Bush in their meeting Tuesday, but
the Israeli leader is looking for clues on whether the president will insist
that any plan to carve up the West Bank with the aim of establishing Israel's
final borders requires the approval of Palestinian leaders.

Former Air Force procurement official Darleen A. Druyun who's admitted that she helped out Boeing and Lockheed on government contracts has been busted. Good, but I can't help wondering if anyone from Boeing or Lockheed will be investigated or indicted. And you'd think that there are layers of oversight above Darleen Druyun. Are any of them getting the same treatment as Darleen?

I think we have another example of blaming the lowest on the totum pole and sweeping everything else under the rug.

Former Air Force procurement official Darleen A. Druyun, who admitted favoring
Boeing Co. for years, may have led the government to overpay Boeing by as much
as $4.5 million by hurrying a renegotiation of the company's contract in 2001 to
maintain a fleet of refueling tankers, according to an Inspector General's
report released last week.

There's no longer any need to waste money on Florida's gubernatorial election. Jesus has done visited the Rev. O'Neal Dozier and told him who was going to win. And the candidate that he picked is just tickled to death. Preachers and Republicans, are you starting see why the guys that wrote the Constitution wanted separation?

MIAMI - A reverend who introduced Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie
Crist during a breakfast with other pastors Monday said the Lord came to him in
a dream two years ago and told him Crist would be the state's next governor.

But what's even more strange, is that for some inexplicable reason some Democrats think that they can swing the radical religious right to our side. Brilliant move, if you want to tick off millions of your base to try and pander to people who will only vote the way their preacher tells them to.

Democrats need to be clear that politics and religion are two very different things, and that the mixing of the two has always led to trouble.

The last paragraph of Ruth Marcus' article sums it up.

So, by all means, let Democrats woo evangelicals and cast the message in a way
that speaks to religious voters. But in doing so, keep in mind: What does it
profit a party to gain a demographic but lose its soul?

We're Number One! But that's not good news. It seems that what's supposed to be the most free nation on the planet, has the highest percentage of its population locked up. Hmmmm.

One American in 136 is in prison. By comparison, the proportion in France is one
in 1,000.

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