Monday, May 08, 2006

The War on Christianity?

The WaPo asked the question, "In Today's Culture, Do You See Evidence of a War on Christianity?". I was glad to see that almost all the respondents answered in the negative.

Despite the media blitz staged by right wingers to exploit the gullible and ignorant for their own profit, there's no evidence that this absurd notion is gaining any traction. Except with a very small paranoid minority.

The Washington Post's Alan Cooperman had already disproved this rallying cry of the radical, religious right in his March 29, article.

But as long as the right wing news outlets like NewsMax and FoxNews keep peddling this crap, there will be a tiny, but vocal group of people talking about the evil liberals trying to do away with Christianity.

What's sad is that they are blind to the fact, that without liberals they would have no freedom of religion.

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