Friday, May 05, 2006

The Long Hot Summer.

According to my Senator, James Inhofe, "What is clear is that our increased confidence in land-based temperature data in no way implies or supports a conclusion that recent observed warming is due to man instead of natural variability".

But he's a Republican and apparently a dumbass to boot.

According to people who aren't on the CO2 producers payroll and actually know what they're talking about, it's about to hit the fan.

In a report that's not been released yet, but has been made public by a U.S. government committee, we have met the enemy and it is us.

Global warming is made worse by man-made pollution and the scale of the
problem is unprecedented in at least 20,000 years, according to a draft report
by the world's leading climate scientists.

The leaked assessment by the group of international experts says there is
now overwhelming evidence to show that the Earth's climate is undergoing
dramatic transformation because of human activity.

Global warming sceptics will get little comfort from the confident language
in the draft report, which dismisses suggestions that climate change is an
entirely natural rather than man-made phenomenon.

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