Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stephen Colbert, Part III

The latest on the man that spanked the monkey.

From Frank James at The Swamp:

How is it, I ask, that First Lady Laura Bush could appear on the network morning
shows today and have no one ask her about the Colbert performance?

Seeing the Forest:

This is no big deal, except when compared with this week's press response to
Stephen Colbert's appearance Saturday. The only way to describe the press
response is: intentional blackout. The New York Times, for example, wrote an
article about the dinner and did
not mention Colbert in the article at all.
A scan
of Google News
finds almost no coverage outside of the blogs.

Chris Durang at Huffington Post:

Stephen Colbert was the star attraction at the White House Correspondents
Dinner Saturday night, and his performance was thrilling or insulting or
uncomfortable, depending on your point of view. Apparently, according to Editor
and, President and Mrs. Bush looked very uncomfortable, and
quickly left right afterward.

But the mainstream media is apparently ignoring this part of the evening, and
instead is covering the early entertainment where Bush and a look-alike imitator
do a "he says this, he's really thinking this" routine. Moderately amusing, but
very mild.

There you have it, the latest on Stephen Colbert, the mouse that roared.

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