Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What a Racket!

Get ready, our joke administration and congress are about to put us deeper in debt. And they're not even thinking about raising taxes on the super wealthy.

I couldn't even find a graph to show how deep a hole we're digging. So I just opted for the diggers. I mean no offense to actual clowns.

It must be kind of psychological malfunction that would make someone spend and spend and spend knowing full well that someone else's kids and grandkids are going to be paying for their outrageous behavior.

I don't know why we sit back and let these avaricious losers keep doing this to us and our descendents.

A $2.7 trillion budget plan pending before the House would raise the federal
debt ceiling to nearly $10 trillion, less than two months after Congress last
raised the federal government's borrowing limit.

The provision -- buried on page 121 of the 151-page budget blueprint --
serves as a backdrop to congressional action this week. House leaders hope to
try once again to pass a budget plan for fiscal 2007, a month after a revolt by
House Republican moderates and Appropriations Committee members forced leaders
to pull the plan.

Leaders also hope to pass a package of tax-cut extensions that would cost the
Treasury $70 billion over the next five years. They would then turn Thursday to
a $513 billion defense policy bill that would block President Bush's request to
raise health-care fees and co-payments for service members and their


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