Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nervous Republicans, Hayden SOS, Religio-crazies want to shape culture, U.S. officially a war zone, Telecoms can legally lie and TGIS.

The Republicans hold all the power, the White House, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court and the media. But the people are saying, "No".

After years of corruption, pandering, mismanagement, lies and just screwing the country up in general, the sleeping giant is finally awakening. Finally.

Republicans that felt secure in their seats are now starting to realize that it takes more than BS and hubris to run a country.

VIRGINIA BEACH, May 19 -- When some of the country's top political handicappers
drew up their charts of vulnerable House incumbents at the beginning of this
year, Rep. Thelma D. Drake (R-Va.) was not among them. Now she is.

Stuart Rothenberg, editor and publisher of a political newsletter, now
has 42 Republican districts, including Drake's, on his list of competitive
races. Last September, he had 26 competitive GOP districts, and Drake's wasn't
on the list. "That's a pretty significant increase," he said. "The national
atmospherics are making long shots suddenly less long."

Gen. Michael V. Hayden looks like he's going to be more of the same old crap, just wrapped up in a shiny uniform. He's pro-domestic spying, pro-torture and he seems to think that Bush is smart. That alone should be enough for disqualification. USNews has a sweetheart piece about him, for those Fantasyland dwellers. But the NYT wasn't impressed.

AT THE SENATE intelligence committee hearing Thursday on Gen. Michael V.
Hayden's nomination to head the CIA, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) asked the
nominee a simple question: Is "waterboarding" an acceptable interrogation
technique? Gen. Hayden responded: "Let me defer that to closed session, and I
would be happy to discuss it in some detail." That was the wrong answer. The
right one would have been simple: No. Last year Congress banned cruel, degrading
and inhumane treatment of detainees; one of its explicit aims was to stop the
CIA's use of waterboarding, which induces an excruciating sensation of drowning
and is considered by most human rights organizations to constitute torture. So
why couldn't Gen. Hayden say clearly that the technique is now off-limits?

The Right's attempt to do away with the Constitution and replace it with their interpretation of the Bible, is hitting some snags. Patrick Henry College, whose mission is,

to place conservative Christian graduates in positions of influence, where they
will help reshape American culture.

is having a problem retaining professors. That's good news. Who'd want this
bunch of wingnuts reshaping our culture?

According to the LA Times, Pentagon spies are treating the homeland like a war zone. Bush's war on terrorism is turning into a war on the people of this country. Don't believe me? Check this out.

The scrutiny of the NSA is deserved, but the Senate and the American public may
be missing a broader and more disturbing development. For the first time since
the Civil War, the United States has been designated a military theater of
operations. The Department of Defense — which includes the NSA — is focusing its
vast resources on the homeland. And it is taking an unprecedented role in
domestic spying.

Feel safer now?

But Bush probably has no recourse, because the overseas war on terrorism seems to be deception, wrapped in lies.

Just an example of how crooked and corrupt the Bush Administration is,

Ordinarily, a company that conceals their transactions and activities from the
public would violate securities law. But an
presidential memorandum signed by the President on May 5
allows the Director
of National Intelligence, John Negroponte, to authorize a company to
conceal activities related to national security

Remember that the next time you hear a telecom say they didn't release your phone and internet records to the Fed.

And finally, for the good news. It's Saturday.


  1. If you look at all this NSA, CIA, White House and so-called `Wars in Terror' ... stems from The Project for a New American Century ... a drawn up demagoguery of ex-Nixonian fanatics ... who are responsible for the total group of reactionary forces in our government today. It is time that this whole group be spotlighted and investigated thoroughly - for their main goal was a `legally accepted political coup of the extreme right in the Presidential election in 2000' and they succeeded. They are not neo-cons ... rather they are neo-fascists of the corporate kind.

  2. You've stopped taking your medication again, haven't you?


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