Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wonkette's on top of WatergateGate.

This is going to be the fun story for a while. No troops getting killed, no sad pictures of human suffering and no George Bush.

This is politics at it's best, it will be so much fun to watch this unfold and see who will be involved.

It's gonna be Christmas in the springtime. Thanks Wonkette, Happy Holidays!

WatergateGate: Hookers, the Duke-Stir, and Your Guide to a Sex Scandal

We believe we’ve made perhaps passing reference to this before, but Saturday’s Post piece on WatergateGate (seriously, we like that name, we don’t care if you don’t), deserves further study. In case you haven’t been following the story: Contractor Mitchell Wade admits to getting hookers for Duke Cunningham “and possibly other lawmakers.” At the Watergate. And we go nuts with excitement.

Because there has not been a decent sex scandal in town in some time. America is waiting, Washington. Do ‘em proud.

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