Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bolivia: Taking control of it's natural resources.

It may smack of socialism, but if the Bolivian government uses the increased revenues for the benefit of the Bolivian people, I'm all for it.

It will bear keeping a close watch on, this part of the world is known for it's rampant corruption. Kinda like the U.S. government.

But Bolivia's new President, Evo Morales, is a populist and a former union leader. Maybe he can pull it off.

CARACAS, Venezuela, May 1 -- Bolivian President Evo Morales seized control of
the country's natural gas industry Monday, sending soldiers to occupy fields
that he contends private companies have plundered for years.

Morales said that unless foreign energy firms agreed to give Bolivia's state
oil company oversight of production and a majority of their revenue generated in
Bolivia, the government would evict them from the fields.

"The time has come, the awaited day, a historic day in which Bolivia retakes
absolute control of our natural resources," Morales said during a televised
speech from a gas field near the country's southern border. "The looting by
foreign companies has ended."

Anything that's done to improve the quality of life in the poorer nations of the western hemisphere will ultimately help this country's immigration problem.

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  1. WE have a problem with both sides of the issue of immigration.BAD 1. WE have people here who are not legal.2. we have people her who work for less than minimum wage. GOOD 1. We have people here who work. 2. We have people here who stimulate the economy by buying stuff here. 3. We have people here who work for less than minimum wage and the cost of our products are cheap because of it.
    If we keep them here we keep the cost of most of our goods cheap. Because most of the countries people would not take the jobs they work, much less work for less than minimum wage. Where is the problem?


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