Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Madness of King George.

We know North Korea possesses nuclear weapons. We know that there is no viable military solution. To a rational mind, negotiation and diplomacy would be the logical next step.

But we have George Bush as our President, so rationality and logic are not even in the picture.

North Korea wants to talk, George Bush don't. And like most spoiled, little, rich boys, he'll have his way. No matter how high the stakes or how great the rewards, it's got to be George's way or the highway.

The six-nation nuclear talks involving the North Koreans have been stalled for
months, and some U.S. negotiating partners have been quietly urging the Bush
administration to take any opportunity to speak directly with Pyongyang's
diplomats rather than keeping such contacts to a minimum, which has been the
pattern of late. Kelly's successor in the State post, Christopher Hill, recently
declined to meet with a North Korean counterpart at a Tokyo meeting while
diplomats from the other negotiating partners did.

Kelly went on to
describe the relative lack of face-to-face meetings as an "awkward absence" that
has given Pyongyang a "handy excuse for North Korea to delay." Kelly also called
the situation "probably tactically unwise."

Vice President Cheney and
other hard-liners are known to favor restricting such meetings to a minimum and
are believed to have urged such a policy on both Kelly and Hill.

George Bush, not the brightest color in the crayon box.


  1. Bush wants to start WWIII. He wants to make the world mad at us and defend our power. Even though our military is spread thin.He wants to flex our muscles and the blame everyone else for the cost. Maybe we could get our debt paid off that way?

  2. Let's see, as the dontwannaknownothings say...
    We (the USA and/or allies) offer NK's something to talk (otherwise they don't talk, look it up it's there!)
    They talk. They agree to something with us. we perform our part. They make monkeys out of us *again* and don't even touch on their part.

    Are you all just upset because your favorite "monkey" George Bush refuses to be the next monkey?

    The NK's think they're winning, we can't do anything to them, they can keep on their merry way, and they're right. On top of it, we pay them to act like they're negotiating, not once but twice! This is the sum total of "intelligent diplomacy". What a bargain!

    George wants to let them sweat and stew, and why not. It doesn't cost us a thing, China doesn't care one way or the other, and makes the truth easier to see. and it makes the French uncomfortable. A two-fer, in my book.


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