Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dems Cave Again, Petulant Bush, Fannie Mae, Great Economy for Some and Republican Lies.

In another example of why Democrats get no respect, four of the seven Democratic members of the Senate Intelligence Committee caved once again to their fear of the right, by voting to endorse Gen. Michael V. Hayden to head the CIA.

The three Dems that did not endorse Hayden are Evan Bayh (Ind.), Russell Feingold (Wis.) and Ron Wyden (Ore.).

Why is this important? The ACLU says it best.

"Hayden's public and private support of the NSA's illegal program to pry into
the lives of innocent Americans speaks volumes about his willingness to
sacrifice the rule of law to cater to this administration's policies."

Life sucks when you have a petulant prince running the country. Bush's reluctance to negotiate with hostile foreign leaders has already led to a complete fiasco in Iraq and to North Korea developing ICBMs. Now Iran, Bush's latest target in the neocon attempt to control the Mid-East oil fields, is burning up the diplomatic channels to try to get Bush into talks on their nuclear development program. Bush says no.

Surely he's not wanting another war?

The administration repeatedly has rejected talks, saying Iran must negotiate
with the three European powers that have led nuclear diplomacy since the Iranian
nuclear program became public in 2002. Within hours of receiving Ahmadinejad's
letter, Rice dismissed it as containing nothing
But U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said government
experts have exerted mounting pressure on the Bush administration to reply to
the letter, seconding public urgings from commentators and former officials.
"The content was wacky and, from an American point of view, offensive. But why
should we cede the high moral ground, and why shouldn't we at least respond to
the Iranian people?" said an official who has been pushing for a public

Since 1998 the executives of the Fannie Mae have been pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars. Remember this the next time you hear a conservative talk about government regulations and oversight are bad things.

The result was a company whose managers engaged in one questionable maneuver
after another, including two transactions with investment banking firm Goldman Sachs Group Inc. that improperly pushed $107 million of
Fannie Mae earnings into future years. The aim, OFHEO said, was always the same:
To shape the company's books, not in response to accepted accounting rules but
in a way that made it appear that the company had reached earnings targets, thus
triggering the maximum possible payout for executives including Raines, Howard
and others.

It's just unbelievable that you hear so much about this really "good" economy. You expect to hear it from the GOP. But you'd think that the media would do a little research before they repeat it.

While I don't actually do the research, I read the people that do. From, the story of the HARSH REALITY OF BUSH TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS.

As the US Dollar declines in value you will pay more for all goods that are
manufactured overseas. Because America has shipped ever increasing share of its
manufacturing base overseas, that means you will be paying more for more goods.

The declining value of the US Dollar means that the price of oil will stay
higher than if the US Dollar was stronger.

Because of higher energy prices, inflation effects the price of most
everything in the United States. When prices go up, Americans stop buying, and
ultimately corporate profits will feel the effect.

And have you ever wondered just how many lies the Republicans have told? DailyKos has most, but certainly not all of them here.

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