Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bush, GOP want to extend welfare program.

There are two things that Bush and the Republicans must love, tax cuts for the rich and letting our grandchildren pay for it.

Once again, they seem to want to see just how much harm they can inflict on our country. Showing absolute disregard to logic and common sense Bush and the Republicans, want to extend the 2003 tax cuts.

With two wars, a growing national debt, a growing trade deficit, almost half the population without health care, inflation, etc., the best these guys can come up with is a plan to further insulate the wealthy from life's little problems?

This country can no longer afford to let these greed motivated low lives leech off the middle and working classes to pad the bankrolls of their wealthy supporters.

President Bush and congressional Republicans agreed yesterday on a $70
billion package of tax-cut extensions that they hope will help halt the
deterioration of their political fortunes.

The package would extend the 2003 cuts to the tax rates on dividends and
capital gains, continue tax breaks for small-business investment and the
overseas operations of financial service companies, and slow the expansion of
the alternative minimum tax, a parallel income tax system that was enacted to
target the rich but is increasingly snaring the middle class.

"We are going to have a bill," Boehner promised. "The president really
wants a tax bill."

"You talk about completely detached from reality, that's this place," said
Sen. Kent Conrad (N.D.), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Budget

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