Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So Long Hillary, John McCain Fantasyland, Bloggasm, Swiftboaters are Back, GOP Depression, Bush Will Veto Housing Bill & Rush Limbaugh Chaos Theory.

Even though she's needed a miracle for at least a month now, Hillary's hung in there hoping for it.
She didn't get it.
I would imagine that after West Virginia, which she's expected to win, she will finally admit defeat.
Hopefully, the Democrats will figure out how to have a primary election over the next four years. I mean, this one has been a mess, even though it worked out well. Maybe they'll grow a set of balls while they're at it, too.
I think that we can thank Bush, the Republicans, the Democrats who voted with them and the whole conservative policy/ideology for the resurgent enthusiasm we've seen during the primaries. But then, everything that Bush has done, turned to crap.
Cut taxes on the rich, it will bring in more revenue and create more jobs. I don't know how stupid you had to be to believe that, but not as stupid as you are if you still believe it. Iraq is an imminent threat. Yeah, but only if you go there. And these are just the biggies. Someone has a big job to do to get the country back on track.
The effects of the Right's domination of national policy are going to be felt for a long time to come.
Just look at Bush's Supreme Court Justices. Fussy old school marms with a Bible in one hand and a strap in the other. How many years will it take to have a Supreme Court that's not a right wing rubberstamp?
Poor old John McCain's just jumped Barack for not voting to appoint Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court.
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — Republican John McCain criticized Democratic rival
Barack Obama for voting against John Roberts as U.S. chief justice, reaching out
to the Christian right on one of their chief concerns: the proper role of judges
in government.
That's right, John. And that's just one reason we'll be voting for him instead of you.
Hillary voted against Alito and Roberts, also. So if John McCain is cognizant of who he's going to be running against, then you know that the Right Wing Propaganda Machine is cranking up for a major smear job on Barack Obama. We'd best prepare.
A good place to start would be Simon Owens' Bloggasm. Simon is keeping a close eye on the online media. He's just written an article on how the right wing blogosphere is handling Barack Obama.
He's a better man than I am, 'cause right wing blogs tend to make me ill. But I think that I'll be using a lot of his stuff in the future. Bloggasm will be in my links right after I post this. Thanks for contacting me, Simon.
Just a couple of examples of what to expect from the Right. First, from Media Transparency:
Floyd Brown and David Bossie: Back in the Swift Boat captain's

Two longtime practitioners of negative campaigning are mainstreaming
attacks on Clinton and Obama
How Deep Is Your Love?

Republicans are up to their usual tricks -- questioning the patriotism
of their opponents. The media, as usual, is playing along because it lauds
political success, not virtue.
They're going to have to be especially nasty and dirty this election year, because apparently, that's all that they have.
Shellshocked House Republicans got warnings from leaders past and present
Tuesday: Your party’s message isn’t good enough to prevent disaster in November,
and neither is the NRCC’s money.

The double shot of bad news had one veteran Republican House member
worrying aloud that the party’s electoral woes — brought into sharp focus by
Woody Jenkins’ loss to Don Cazayoux in Louisiana on Saturday — have the House
Republican Conference splitting apart in “everybody for himself” mode.
I don't really know what else that they can expect, considering how they've screwed up the country. Their current president has shown and is still showing absolutely no concern for the working class folks in this country.
President Bush has threatened to veto the massive housing bill that should pass
the House on Wednesday, casting doubt on wide ranging legislation that had been
crafted with the help of a number of Republicans in Congress and in the
What the hell, hundreds of billions for a war for no reason, but zilch for working Americans? As much debt that he's gotten this country into, two or three billion to help out regular Americans is a no-brainer, just like Bush.
The Republican's wannabe president, John McCain, figures that pissing off Russia and China would be a really good idea.
In his speech McCain proposed that the United States expel Russia from the G8,
the group of advanced industrial countries. Moscow was included in this body in
the 1990s to recognize and reward it for peacefully ending the cold war on
Western terms, dismantling the Soviet empire and withdrawing from large chunks
of the old Russian Empire as well. McCain also proposed that the United States
should expand the G8 by taking in India and Brazil-but pointedly excluded China
from the councils of power.
I'm telling ya'll, the Republicans couldn't run a snow cone stand. Even their great draft dodging, drug addicted philosopher is starting to crack under the strain.
Conservative radio host leads Tuesday broadcast with news reports, testimonials
he says he’s getting from the field of Republicans participating in crossover
voting to keep the Democratic race going.
Unfortunately, as is almost always the case with Rush, the facts are different.
The numbers are in and they confirm what has been obvious for, oh, 30 years now:
Rush Limbaugh is an egotistical buffoon who, in fact, has no influence on
anything but the opinions of his few gullible dittohead listeners.
And just so we won't be like the mainstream media, don't forget that we are still losing people in
Bush's war for no reason. Here's the latest developments.
Be sure to check out and sign up at the War on Greed.
Have a good Thursday.

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