Saturday, May 10, 2008

John McCain Typical Republican, McCain Sees "Evil", Than Shwe: Burma's Stalin, Bracknophobia, Global Warming Hoax, Medical Pot and Sub-Prime Reality.

If this is a Bush speech, you really can't blame him.
But, as far as politics goes, what is John McCain really like? From what I can find out, he's your typical narrow-minded, tight-assed Republican. The whole "maverick" thing must be some kind of inside joke. There's hardly any evidence to back it up.
Crooks and Liars. com has John McCain’s Top 10 Out-of-Touch Moments. It's just the latest ten really stupid things that John McCain has said. You'd better read it, because I doubt if you'll be hearing or seeing these kind of things on the mainstream media. Excepting, of course, Countdown with Keith Olbermann.
Meanwhile, on the same network, Chris Matthews and Tim Russert admit that they're giving John McCain a free ride.
During Tuesday’s Democratic Presidential Primary coverage on MSNBC, Chris
Matthews and Tim Russert both admit to ignoring the countless gaffes and
blunders committed by John McCain.
Meanwhile, this image takes most right wingers back to their ninth grade love affairs and they look at their right hand and give it a knowing wink.
Some way this was supposed to segue into John McCain's views on women, it didn't. Here they are anyway.
And from NARAL, their scorecard on McCain and women's rights.
Just like most typical Republicans, McCain puts his rich friends before the good of the country. How much more of that can we put up with.
PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- Sen. John McCain championed legislation that will let an Arizona
rancher trade remote grassland and ponderosa pine forest here for acres of
valuable federally owned property that is ready for development, a land swap
that now stands to directly benefit one of his top presidential campaign

Betts is among a string of donors who have benefited from McCain-engineered
land swaps. In 1994, the senator helped a lobbyist for land developer Del Webb
Corp. pursue an exchange in the Las Vegas area, according to the Center for
Public Integrity. McCain sponsored two bills, in 1991 and 1994, sought by donor
Donald R. Diamond that yielded the developer thousands of acres in trade for
national parkland.

In the late 1990s, McCain promoted a deal in Arizona's Tonto
National Forest involving property part-owned by Great American Life Insurance,
a company run by billionaire Carl H. Lindner Jr., a prolific contributor to
national political parties and presidential candidates.

And his foreign policy, well it looks and sounds a lot like Bush's. He's even starting to use the word "evil". He evens plans to have a war with "evil".
Sen. John McCain has evil on his mind.

On Wednesday, he vowed to take the fight to religious persecution, human
trafficking, child pornography and other "evil" if elected. Speaking at Oakland
University in Rochester, Minnesota, CNN
said the event
was part of the Arizona' senators efforts to reach out to
conservative voters.
I have to give McCain credit for one thing, there is definitely "evil' in Burma. Big time. From Attytood.
Until now, the thing that Than Shwe had going in his favor that few people
outside Burma were paying attention. Unfortunately it's taken the tragic death
of tens of thousands of his subjects, but that's not true anymore. In the wake
of Saturday's deadly cyclone, Than Shwe and his thug regime are not only
blocking more foreign aid workers -- including
, which already had relief ships in the region on a training exercise
-- but even went so far as to hijack the
first shipment that reached the country
There seems to be a bit of "evil" going on in this country, too.
Take Family Security Matters, it appears to be a place that folks on the right can go to, in order to get their fears validated. This is there latest slime job on Barack. People actually take this crap serouisly.
Inside Obama’s Psyche

A caller to a radio show recently theorized
that mixed-race individuals like Obama are resentful that while they're
half-white, they always come out black. They can never take advantage of their
white half because while the black community accepts them, the white community

If this is true, it could be a legitimate reason for
anger – possibly the same rage that fuels Rev. Wright, given that he is looks to
be of “mixed” parentage.
Wow, with sources as good as a caller to a radio show, they must be right.
Don'cha just love the Right. For all their supposed morality, they sure play fast and loose with the truth. Like global warming, for instance.
New Zealand climate scientists are upset their names have been used by an
American organisation wanting to challenge the increasingly accepted view that
climate change is human induced.

"I object to the implication that my research supports their position ...
they didn't check with me."

He said that he and the other New Zealand scientists all felt their
work had been misinterpreted.
"We say global warming is real."
You can understand the Right's position, all the Left wants to do is legalize pot.
With drug trafficking and violence from international cartels on the rise, "do
you think the DEA's limited resources are best utilized conducting enforcement
raids on individuals and their caregivers who are conducting themselves legally
under California law?" House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., said in a letter to the agency.
Right on, Congressman Conyers.
Now for something really important. The sub-prime lending mess hit home while I was cruising the blogs of people I don't know personally, but think of them as friends anyway. Stephen Herron, whose blog is Drinking Liberally in New Milford, has just lost his home.
He don't have his hand out, he's found a place to live and he's making the most of a really bad situation. Go wish him well, he's one of us.
Have a good weekend.

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