Tuesday, September 12, 2006

William Kristol and Rich Lowry: Pussies and War, Ford Blows It, Iraq Civil War and Bush and the CDC.

Once again the Washington Post turns it's editorial pages over to right-wing weenies without a shread of military experience to advocate more war. Or in this case, if it's not working, do more of it.

This time it's two big time, chickenhawk, conservative editors, William Kristol and Rich Lowry. They think we need more troops in Iraq. Sorry, but that ship sailed in 2003.

The bottom line is this: More U.S. troops in Iraq would improve our chances of
winning a decisive battle at a decisive moment. This means the ability to
succeed in Iraq is, to some significant degree, within our control. The
president should therefore order a substantial surge in overall troop levels in
Iraq, with the additional forces focused on securing Baghdad.

It's time these conservative blowhards put their asses where their mouths are, enlist and show us "cut and run" liberals how it's done.

The big republican pseudo economic boom is having results in Norfold, VA. Ford Motor Company is shutting down it's Norfolk plant. Between most folks having to try to scrape by a living and Ford's playing the SUV game when the rest of the world wanted high mileage, 30,000 American workers get screwed.

As part of its turnaround plan, Ford Motor Co. announced earlier this year that it would close the
plant in 2008, along with six other big assembly sites around the country, to
help it eliminate 30,000 jobs. As bad as the situation appeared then, it has
steadily turned worse: Ford lost $1.4 billion in the first half of the year. On
Thursday, Ford's board of directors is expected to vote on a new turnaround
plan, which could include hastening the plant closings and cutting more jobs.
Chairman William C. Ford Jr. has said that everything is on the table. He
himself stepped aside last week as chief executive, handing day-to-day
management to an industry outsider.

It's civil war in Iraq and it's our choice whether we let Iraq have it's own civil war or whether we want to be right in the big middle of it. Thanks to the idiot Bush we no longer have a secular counterbalance in the Middle East. As sorry as Saddam was, he served a useful purpose. Now at least a large segment of Iraq will become another fundementalist controlled country.

First, "there will be a civil war," said the aide, Mustafa Yaqoubi, as his three
young children wandered in and out of the room. The rising violence and
rivalries under the American occupation make a shaking-out all but inevitable
once foreign forces go, Yaqoubi said. "I expect it."

"No matter the number of people who would lose their lives, it is better than
now," he added. "It would be better than the Americans staying."

When the tumult ends, the Sadr aide said, Iraq's Shiite majority will finally be
able to claim its due, long resisted by the Americans -- freedom to usher in a
Shiite religious government that Yaqoubi said would be moderate and perhaps
comparable in some ways to Iran's. The bespectacled, bearded cleric's mild tone
buffered his talk of the blood that would have to be spilled to achieve this
goal. No matter when the Americans withdraw, "the first year of transition, it
will be worse," Yaqoubi warned. "After that, it will gradually improve."

Here's a little heads-up for all those folks out there thanking their particular deity for George Bush keeping them safe from all sorts of imagined boogie men.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is losing top people in protest of the Bush Administration's blatant disregard of all things sensible and scientific.

Their concerns, expressed in a rare joint letter to current CDC Director Julie
Gerberding, come amid growing staff complaints about whether her strategic
shifts in the agency's focus are putting public health at risk, according to
interviews with current and former CDC officials and documents obtained by The
Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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