Sunday, June 25, 2006

More GOP Crooks, $100,000 Buys Used Idiot, Mentally Unstable Liar, Perle Jam, King George, Christian Right Spyware and Demoted Goat.

It's starting to look like Christmas in June. The investigation of Jack Abramoff is reaping all kinds of goodies for those of us fighting the dark side.

A Who's Who of right wing scumbags and their phony tax-exempt organizations are being investigated for bribery, money laundering and influence peddling. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform and Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, the name alone should have been throwing up red flags, Ralph Reed, former Christian Coalition executive director and Amy Moritz Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research. There should be many more to come.

Let's get these folks in jail, get some election reform, so that our weak-willed politicians can't be tempted and make our country great again.

Newly released documents in the Jack Abramoff investigation shed light on how
the lobbyist secretly routed his clients' funds through tax-exempt organizations
with the acquiescence of those in charge, including prominent conservative
activist Grover Norquist.

The federal probe has brought a string of bribery-related charges and plea
deals. The possible misuse of tax-exempt groups is also receiving investigators'
attention, sources familiar with the matter said.

And just like any freak show, if you pay extra you get to see the special attraction. In this case, for an extra $100,000, you get to see and talk to The Incredible Monkey Boy.

WASHINGTON - Wanted: Face time with President Bush or top adviser Karl Rove.
Suggested donation: $100,000. The middleman: lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Blunt
e-mails that connect money and access in Washington show that prominent
Republican activist Grover Norquist facilitated some administration contacts for
Abramoff's clients while the lobbyist simultaneously solicited those clients for
large donations to Norquist's tax-exempt group.

It would now seem that one of the reasons we invaded Iraq was because of a mentally unstable liar. Well, two actually.

In late January 2003, as Secretary of State Colin Powell prepared to argue the
Bush administration's case against Iraq at the United Nations, veteran CIA
officer Tyler Drumheller sat down with a classified draft of Powell's speech to
look for errors. He found a whopper: a claim about mobile biological labs built
by Iraq for germ warfare.

Drumheller instantly recognized the source, an Iraqi defector suspected of
being mentally unstable and a liar. The CIA officer took his pen, he recounted
in an interview, and crossed out the whole paragraph.

Make that three mentally unstable liars and counting. The Washington Post is turning it's editorial pages over to people with less credibility than Ann Coulter. Richard Perle, well known neocon, liar, accused crook and accessory to the murder of over 2500 American service personnel is raving about Bush not attacking Iran. I won't post an excerpt, because it's just the rants of a lunatic. Trust me, you'd have to be an absolute dumbass to believe anything he says. George Bush is an excellent example.

Thanks to Perle and others like him, the U.S. military after a successful invasion, is still fumbling around Iraq without any mission or direction, other than "Stay the course".

BAGHDAD, June 24 -- U.S. troops in the Iraqi city of Tikrit raided the house of
a senior Sunni Muslim religious leader on Saturday and detained him for several
hours, outraging Sunnis and sparking a protest in front of the governor's office.

The unrest over the detention of Jamal Abdel Karim al-Dabaan came on a day
when the U.S. military announced that four of its soldiers had died in and
around Baghdad despite a security crackdown in the city.

Back at home it's no wonder that Bush can't spend much effort on what to do about his mess in Iraq, he's much too busy trying to take over this country.

WASHINGTON - A secret CIA-Treasury program
to track financial records of millions of Americans is the latest installment in
an expansion of executive authority in the name of fighting terrorism. The
administration doesn't apologize for President
's aggressive take on presidential powers. Vice President Dick Cheney
even boasts about it.

Bush has made broad use of his powers, authorizing
warrantless wiretaps, possibly collecting telephone records on millions of
Americans, holding suspected terrorists overseas without legal protections and
using up to 6,000 National Guard members to help patrol the border with
That's in addition to the vast anti-terrorism powers Congress granted him in
the recently extended Patriot Act.

It turns out that the terrorist group the FBI created in Miami aren't even Muslims.

MEDIA ASKED NOT TO CALL MIAMI TERROR SUSPECTS 'MUSLIMS' Sect trains 'through the bible,' worships in 'temple,' not mosque.

The new Right Wing Christian video game based on the Left Behind series is not only sick, but it's also loaded with spyware.

Watchers of right-wing Christian groups in the States say a new apocalyptic
videogame released by cultish Revelations-based fiction series Left Behind is
riddled with spyware.

Developers have incorporated software from an Israeli firm called Double
. It incorporates video advertising and product placement into the
game, and reportedly records players' behaviour, location, and other data to be
uploaded to Left Behind's Bible-powered marketing machine.

And just so you know it's not all politics, the 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh of the British Army demoted it's ceremonial pet goat from the rank of lance corporal to buck private after it misbehaved at a parade to celebrate the Queen's birthday.

I'm thinking the goat thought they were shipping out to Iraq and didn't want to go. Damn, a goat in the British Army is smarter than our President.

LONDON (AP) -- A British army regiment's ceremonial pet goat was demoted in
disgrace after it marched out of line before a host of dignitaries during a
parade to mark Queen Elizabeth II's birthday, a military spokesman said Saturday.

The military mascot, a 6-year-old male goat called Billy, was downgraded
from the rank of lance corporal to fusilier - the same status as a private -
after army chiefs ruled his poor display had ruined the ceremony earlier this
month at a British army base in Episkopi, western Cyprus.


  1. Let us hope the corruption continues to become evident. That is the one hope Democrats have. If the Republicans look worse than the really bad Democrats right now, people will be picking between the lesser of two evils. And if they find Democrats to be the lesser, than at least Democrats get a chance to show Americans they are way better than Republicans. I don't know if they will prove it. I don't know if the majority of politicians in America have the balls to do what's right for America.

    I do know a taking back of the House and Senate is very necessary. And I hope you are helping whomever in your district beat the local Republican asshole running for reelection.

  2. What about them Dem who stuffed $100,000 in his freezer?

  3. I think if you followed the news you'd realize Democrats did not condone that action. As far as I know, Republicans aren't that good at condemning corruption. Mostly they just try to hide it or keep news of Republican corruption hushed by getting a topic to trump its importance.

  4. Eric, if you'll type William Jefferson into my Technorati search on the right, you'll see what I think about it.

    Hey Kevin, always appreciate your commentary. Thanks


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