Friday, June 16, 2006

42 Democrat Congressmen Sell Out Troops to Vote with GOP.

42 Democrats played right into the Republicans hands by voting with them on a worthless measure designed to make the Dems appear weak on terror.

Two days of wasted time culminated with 42 Democrats showing that principles mean nothing compared to their fear of the right.

The 42 Democratic Congressmen that are more concerned with how they appear to the radical right than they are with the troops, are,

John Barrow, Melissa Bean, Howard Berman, Marion Berry, Sanford Bishop, Dan Boren, Leonard Boswell, Rick Boucher, Dennis Cardoza, Ed Case, Ben Chandler, Jim Cooper, Jim Costa, Jerry Costello, Bud Cramer, Henry Cuellar, Lincoln Davis, Chet Edwards, Bob Etheridge, Bart Gordon, Gene Green, Stephanie Herseth, Brian Higgins, Tim Holden, Ron Kind, Rick Larsen, Daniel Lipinski, Stephen Lynch, Jim Marshall, Jim Matheson, Carolyn McCarthy, Mike McIntyre, Charles Melancon, Dennis Moore, Collin Peterson, Mike Ross, John Salazar, Adam Smith, Vic Snyder, John Spratt, Gene Taylor, Bennie Thompson
and yes my weak-kneed, republican voting Democrat Congressman Dan Boren is once again with them.

Over in the Senate, the Republicans are putting on the same show. We only had six senators that were smart enough or gutsy enough, not to go along with this White House produced farce.

Barbara Boxer of California.
Robert Byrd of West Virginia.
Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.
Tom Harkin of Iowa.
Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.
John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Six senators that real Democrats can be proud of.

Meanwhile in Iraq, one soldier killed, two missing, 11 Iraqis dead, 25 wounded and that's just the ones they're letting us know about.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A U.S. soldier was killed and two were unaccounted
for Friday after they came under attack at a traffic checkpoint in Yusufiya.

search was under way for the two missing soldiers in the town, about 20
miles southwest of Baghdad.


  1. What a pity. The US Congress voted to let more American troops get killed in Iraq.

  2. Wow! The self-righteous hyperbole on this site is a forum for the insane. The lack of rational thought in relation to historical events (facts) make this site a fantasy lovers delight.

    Sure, overheated rhetoric will rally the rabid, unthinking radicals in your movement. Those who are capable of taking in more than one thought at a time are less likely to accept the "I'm right, the world is wrong!" idealism you have undertaken.

    I'm saddened that Americans like yourself are so partisan and devisive. It's amzing to me that the least tolerant seem to be the ones who preach tolerance! ("progressives" - your characterization, not mine - "liberals" and "democrats".)

    There is a reason folks like Ted Kennedy, Dennis Cassinich (spelling), Howard Dean and other radicals have such narrow support and can't win national elections. Their ideas haven't worked, don't work, and are just kooky.

    So is this site.



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