Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trump + Missiles And Bombs = Well, It Can't Be Very Good

Trump just said this,

President Trump praised the attack as a "very, very successful mission." He indicated that he had given the Pentagon a free hand to use the weapon as part of his vow to step up the war on Islamic State. 
"We have given them total authorization and that’s what they’re doing and frankly that’s why they’ve been so successful lately,” he told reporters at the White House. “If you look at what’s happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really to what’s happened over the past eight years, you’ll see there’s a tremendous difference, tremendous difference.”
WTF?!  Hell, you said the generals were dumb and you knew more than they did, so why did you give them control?  If you were in charge, there would be world peace by now.

Is it part of your clever plan to show the American people just how stupid the generals really are compared to you?  I'll bet you knew that the missile strike against that Syrian airbase, 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles @ 1.87 million a pop wouldn't accomplish anything.  You could spend about 35 weekends at Mar-A-Lago for what them stupid generals wasted on that mission.

And the MOAB drop, I guess the generals just wanted to see a big boom, cause ISIS is pretty much a done deal in Afghanistan.

It may be tempting to see this as evidence that the US is increasingly worried about ISIS’s influence in the country. But the truth appears to be closer to the opposite: ISIS’s forces have dropped by about 75 percent since their peak in late 2015, and the group has lost significant territory since then.
“By NATO's own estimates, it's something like 800 fighters countrywide, a big drop over past year,” Colin Cookman, an Afghanistan expert at the United States Institute of Peace, tweeted.
Brilliant move, I'm sure all the generals will be begging you to take charge after this.

Seriously, the missiles and bomb didn't do near the damage that the cheerleading media and politicians did.  Imagine, making this simpleton believe he did something good, now he's conditioned to believe that bombing and missiles are all he needs to get some praise.  Horrible precedent you guys set.

Next up, maybe:  Can we afford the Trump family?


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