Friday, February 27, 2009

Annie Leonard and The Story of Stuff.

This is just too good not to get out there.
Click on the pic or go to The Story of Stuff.
Annie Leonard made this simple enough that even I could understand it.
It's the story of all the crap that we buy from cradle to grave. 20 minutes long, loaded with things that we need to know and entertaining all the way.
It's brilliant, watch it.


  1. According to the Story of Stuff, "It's the government's job to take care of us." However, the document that lays out the government's job, our constitution, makes no mention of "taking care of us." As a matter of fact, amendment IX states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." Since it is not the government's power, nor the state's power, it is our on responsibility to "take care of" ourself. While petty, it just shows that right from the beginning of Anne's rant, that she is incapable of expressing the truth, and instead chooses to display she has a socialistic agenda.

    And by socialism I mean tyranny.

  2. "We have less than 4% of our original forests left." The United States has about 2,282,510,106 acres of land (numbers range according to who is measuring). So for simplification I will say that all 2,282,510,106 acres is covered in trees (even though we all know is never been that way, the west is grasslands, there are mountains...). 4% of 2,282,510,106 is roughly 91 million. According to the North American Forest Commission there are 747 million acres of forested land. So Anne says that the number is less than 91 million acres, but yet the forest commission says 747 million acres. Seems like someone is lying. I am going to go with the official commission over the already proven deceptive Miss Leonard.

  3. "original forests"

    For example, Connecticut is now full of trees, but 150 years ago, there were very few. I suspect that virtually none of Connecticut's currently forested land is "original forest"; even Connecticut's preserves have very few really old trees. "747 million acres of forested land" is not original forest. In fact some of "forest" was planted in rows and columns expressly for harvesting.


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