Friday, February 08, 2008

Conservative Political Action Conference, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter and Grand Delusions.

Vice President Dick Cheney gave a speech Thursday morning to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The Conservative Political Action Conference is a get together for thousands of like-minded people who share a natural aversion to the truth. Indeed, they generally think that the truth is just a satan inspired, liberal conspiracy to make them look and feel foolish. Like they need our help.

It's put on by American Conservative Union along with sponsors Human Events and the Young America's Foundation. Here is a list of their cosponsors this year, a Who's Who of who wants to screw you.

At the bottom there's a link to a video by Max Blumenthal of the inside of last years Conservative Political Action Conference.

Dick Cheney, speaking this morning, was a big hit with the crowd, whereas John McCain, speaking later, was booed. Hardly surprising, since Cheney is the embodiment of the Right's Great American Hero mythology. While poor John McCain reminds most of them of what they're not. A man.

In a break with tradition this year, Ann Coulter was not invited to spout inanities. These have always been a big hit in the past. I guess the organizers figured she was just getting too soft on liberals. But Dick Cheney would fill her empty shoes, and probably her bra, nicely.

Then Vice President Dick Cheney stood for a resounding standing ovation at this
35th annual assembly organized by the American Conservative Union – Cheney
called the crowd of many young as well as older people filling a Washington
hotel ballroom “the heart and soul of the conservative community.’’

"Heart and soul of the conservative communnity", Cheney's words, not mine. Be sure to check out Max Blumenthal's video to get an idea of the conservative community's "heart and soul".

Cheney went on to say a lot of goofy things and I'll repeat all I can. Example, last year in office.

“We’re not going to waste a moment of it,’’ Cheney told an adoring crowd here.
“We’re going to revitalize America’s economy at a time of challenge, and we’re
going to stay on the offensive in the war on terror.’’

I'm sure that we're all relieved that Bush and Cheney are going to revitalize the economy. But the only economic measures this administration have ever taken are tax cuts for those who already have all the money.

While keeping up the offensive on terrorism may be great news to a room full of paranoids, the rest of us know that it just means more domestic spying and less rights. Damn, I miss the Constitution.

Don't believe me? Check it out.

The vice president made a pitch for making the president’s tax cuts
permanent: “Letting the Bush tax cuts expire would be one of the largest
government money grabs in American history, and we must not let it happen,’’
Cheney said.

And he made a pitch for the war.

“Guiding this nation through a time of peril is a very tough job, and the
right man is in it,’’ the vice president said. “The absence of another 9/11 is
not an accident. It is an achievement.’’

The crowd rose to its feet cheering Cheney on this.

“As the president has made clear many times, we are dealing with a
strategic threat to the United States,’’ Cheney said.

He also made a pitch for the modernization of the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act, including the administration’s demand of legal immunity for
telecommunications companies assisting the government in surveillance of
suspected terrorists.“Those who act in good faith to defend this country… should
not be hassled by lawsuits and trial lawyers,’’ Cheney said.

He went on to talk about taking human rights seriously. And he does, if those humans are white, conservative, straight and extremely gullible. Oh, and we don't do no torture. And any troop reduction will only be done by the commanders on the ground in Iraq, whose careers depend on keeping a childlike president happy.

Since the best joke is saved for last, here's the finale.

Cheney also offered a personal testament to the courage and determination of
the president whom he has served for seven years.

“I have been proud to stand by him,’’ said Cheney, citing decisions which
Bush has made as president. “And would I support those same decisions today?
You’re damn right I would.

“When the last chapter is written,’’ Cheney predicted, “it will be said that
our nation became more prosperous and more secure because George Bush was the
president of the United States.’’

And the crowd applauded the C in CPAC.

Isn't it just amazing that people can still function in society and be so distanced from reality?

Max Blumenthal's CPAC 2007: The Unauthorized Documentary.

Enjoy your Friday.



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