Thursday, October 05, 2006

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It seems to be all Foley all the time. Since it's so much easier for the mainstream media to do sensationalism than substance, it's going to be the headlines for quite awhile. The upside is that the folks that really don't pay attention, will get to see what a bunch of lying, hypocritical, avaricious, lowlifes the Republicans actually are. And in the interest of fairness, there are too many Democrats that are right down there with them.

Not to lessen the gravity of the claims against Foley or the trauma he's caused his victims, the great news in all this is that we are starting to see just how serious that the party of the flag-wavers and Bible-thumpers really are in their convictions.

It's going to be hard to claim moral superiority, now that we're finding out that the Republican leadership has known about this for years.

A longtime chief of staff to disgraced former representative Mark Foley (R-Fla.)
approached House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert's office three years ago, repeatedly
imploring senior Republicans to help stop Foley's advances toward teenage male
pages, the staff member said yesterday.

account by Kirk Fordham, who resigned yesterday from his job with another senior
lawmaker, pushed back to 2003 or earlier the time when Hastert's staff
reportedly became aware of Foley's questionable behavior concerning teenagers
working on Capitol Hill.

If it was just Foley, you could just blow this off as an aberration, but it seems that there's something of a pattern here. Maybe it's the strain of having to live the illusion of a pristine, God-fearing lifestyle that's required by their religious right base.

Take the case of Pennsylvania Republican Congerssman Don Sherwood, married, father of three, respectable and no doubt a pillar of his church. He's 64.

last year, Cynthia Ore, 29, sued Sherwood
. It seems Sherwood had been
keeping her as his Washington mistress. Ms. Ore says that Sherwood "repeatedly
struck her in the face, neck, chest and back, ‘violently yanking’ her hair and
repeatedly tried to choke or strangle her. Afterward he would tell her he would
never beat her again, then beg her not to leave him."

"After news accounts of the incident and police report were published, Mr.
Sherwood issued a statement apologizing for the ‘pain and embarrassment’ he
caused his supporters and family. He has declined to talk in detail about his
relationship with Ms. Ore."

Eventually, Sherwood made a confidential financial settlement with Ms. Ore,
thus keeping the case from being aired in a courtroom. He admitted to the
adulterous affair with a woman half his age, but denied that he physically
abused her.

And guess who's busting their butts to keep Sherwood in office?

Now, he is behind in his race in a normally "safe Republican" seat, so Hastert,
Boehner, Bush and Cheney are going to bat for him
to try and keep the
district in the GOP column. They are all holding
for him and endorsing his "leadership."
Thanks BuzzFlash, be sure to check them out on the right side of this page. Real news, always up to date.

I never heard any satisfactory explainations of why male prositute, Jeff Gannon, was allowed unlimited access to the White House, but here's a little story of a big time Republican and Christian conservative activist.

Things have been looking up for accused child molester Jeffrey Ray Nielsen,
the 36-year-old Christian conservative activist and lawyer with close ties to
Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh, head of the Orange
County Republican Party. Police say Nielsen took a 14-year-old Westminster boy
as his sex partner in 2003 and maintained a huge cache of man-boy

“Jeff called it ‘our thing,’ and one time we were near Tyson’s Corner
[Virginia], he stopped at a gas station so we could have sex in the bathroom,”
the man said. “A guy walked in and caught me with my pants down and Jeff on his
knees. We made some excuse about an injured knee or something. The guy said,
‘Oh!’ and quickly left.”

And you know the Right is up in arms over the sexual exploits of it's members, because if you keep up with things, whatever happens is the fault of liberal Democrats.

From the number one blowhard in the right wing propaganda machine, the draft dodging, drug-addicted, can't keep a female, lying, sack of chickenshit, Rush Limbaugh. Being from Oklahoma, I get to hear a lot of Limbaugh quotes. Yeah, he's right up there with Bush and Jesus.

LIMBAUGH: I'm just thinking out loud here. What if somebody got to the page
and said, you know, we want you to set Foley up. We need to do a little
titillating thing here. Keep it and save it and so forth. How would you get a
kid to do that? Yeah, who knows? You threaten him or pay him. There's any number
of ways given the kind of people that we're dealing with and talking about here.

Now, folks, I don't want to be misunderstood here. I'm not trying to mount
any kind of a defense. That's a bad word. I'm not trying to get into a defense
of what Mark Foley did. Please don't misunderstand. I'm just telling you that
the -- the -- the orgy and the orgasm that has been taking place in the media
since Friday and with the Democrats is -- it's all coordinated, and it's all --
it's all oriented toward the election. There's no concern about the kid -- no
concern about the children.

There is -- there is -- there's not even any real problem with what Foley
did, as we've discussed. In their hearts and minds and their crotches, they
don't have any problem with what Foley did. They've defended it over the -- over
the years.

Now there are going to be people who really believe that liberals back pedophilia. Jerk. BTW, when was the last time you were able to see your crotch?

Speaking of jerks, Fox News led people to believe that Foley is a Democrat.

Never mind the content of either segment for now. Incredibly, during a total
of three different cutaways to video footage of Foley, he was labelled at the
bottom of the screen eachtime as "(D-FL)" !

Three different times. In two different segements. Each cutaway about 15
seconds or more. Showing Foley as a DEMOCRAT. Amazing.

The Progress Report has all the latest on the GOP's strange search for love right here.

Now that the obligatory Foley and Republican sexual hijinks stories are out of the way, we can get to the stuff that really effects you.

Bush is showing us why he imagines himself to be a "War President", it's because he's completely clueless about war. 24 dead Americans since Saturday and bombings, like the stock market, are at record levels.

BAGHDAD, Oct. 4 -- Thirteen U.S. soldiers have been killed in Baghdad since
Monday, the American military reported, registering the highest three-day death
toll for U.S. forces in the capital since the start of the war.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Bomb attacks in Baghdad have hit an all-time high, the
U.S. military said on Wednesday, as one of the capital's frontline police units
was pulled off the streets on suspicion of involvement with sectarian death

But don't let any of this bother you, because according President Bush the whole Iraq thing will just be a comma in history. We all know that Bush knows Jack about history. It's just fantastic, the Iraq War has been downgraded from "Noble Cause" to "Comma".

As he heads out on the campaign trail, haunted by an unpopular war, President
Bush has begun reassuring audiences that this traumatic period in Iraq will be
seen as "just a comma" in the history books. By that, aides say, he means to
reinforce his message of resolve in the long struggle for Iraqi democracy.

And just so you'll know that I'm not the only one who thinks that Bush is a buttwipe when it comes to war, let's hear from an expert.

One of the highest-ranking generals in the U.S. military yesterday stood by
views attributed to him in a controversial new book about the Bush
administration's handling of the war in Iraq but said it was important to
understand the context in which those views were expressed.

Marine Gen. James L. Jones, the U.S. commander for Europe, is quoted in
"State of Denial," by The Washington Post's Bob Woodward, as believing that the
war in Iraq is a "debacle" and that "The Joint Chiefs have been systematically
emasculated by Rumsfeld." As Marine commandant, the post he held before moving
to Europe, Jones was a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If Bush was anywhere near as good at war as he is at subverting the Constitution, Iraq would be clamoring for statehood right now. A court of appeals will continue to let the Bush Administration spy on you. And this is after a lame Congress let Bush do away with due process for us all. Are you an enemy combatant ? Only the Bush Administration knows.

CINCINNATI, Oct. 4 -- The Bush administration can continue its warrantless
surveillance program while it appeals a judge's ruling that the program is
unconstitutional, a federal appeals court panel ruled Wednesday.

The president has said the program is needed to fight terrorism. Opponents
argue that it oversteps constitutional boundaries on free speech, privacy and
executive powers.

And just what is the flaw in the evil little turd's psyche, that makes him get off at the thought of torturing another human being? Congress is trying to cover for him.

Key senators say Congress has outlawed one of the most notorious detainee
interrogation techniques -- "waterboarding," in which a prisoner feels near
drowning. But the White House will not go that far, saying it would be wrong to
tell terrorists which practices they might face.

Twenty-one years earlier, in 1947, the United States charged a Japanese
officer, Yukio Asano, with war crimes for carrying out another form of
waterboarding on a U.S. civilian. The subject was strapped on a stretcher that
was tilted so that his feet were in the air and head near the floor, and small
amounts of water were poured over his face, leaving him gasping for air until he
agreed to talk.

"Asano was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor," Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) told his colleagues last Thursday
during the debate on military commissions legislation. "We punished people with
15 years of hard labor when waterboarding was used against Americans in World
War II," he said.

I think a little hard labor would be a good thing for Bush. It would certainly be a first.

And while we're on hard labor, the Republicans love it, as long as they're not involved. So workers, here's a big FU from the GOP.

In a decision condemned by unions but praised by business, the National
Labor Relations Board
issued a ruling yesterday that will exempt registered
nurses — and many other workers — from union membership if they have certain
kinds of supervisory duties.

In the majority decision, the three Republicans
on the board adopted a broad definition of supervisor, saying it included
workers who assigned others to a location, shift or significant tasks, like a
nurse overseeing a shift who might assign another nurse to a particular patient.

If you don't like it, tough. American business no longer needs you. They have China, who understands the business/worker relationship. Wal-Mart's hiring.

America doesn't need to try harder. China needs to stop using slave labor. If
you see things any other way, you've probably got a factory in the Suzhou
industrial park. Or you're taking money from someone who does.

And finally, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is pretending that she has a human side by showing concern for the Palestinians.

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Oct. 4 -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pledged
Wednesday to "redouble" U.S. efforts to alleviate the economic plight of
Palestinians facing escalating tensions and the threat of a humanitarian crisis.
But U.S. officials cautioned not to expect any significant breakthroughs as
prospects for a renewed Arab-Israeli peace process seem further away than ever.

Too bad she didn't show any concern for the American people back in July of 2001.

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and former Attorney General
John Ashcroft received the same CIA briefing about an imminent al-Qaida strike
on an American target that was given to the White House two months before the
Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The State Department's disclosure Monday that the pair was briefed within a
week after then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was told about the
threat on July 10, 2001, raised new questions about what the Bush administration
did in response, and about why so many officials have claimed they never
received or don't remember the warning.

It's Thursday, we're screwed, so make the best of it.


  1. Hey RL good stuff, glad we stumbled across your blog from WaPo.

  2. I'm a liberal democrat. For years I've listened to the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter and Hannity who's language and name calling turns my stomach. I don't know if Redneck Liberal realizes the nasty nature of his(?) commentary feeds the idea that all liberals are rabid and out of step with main stream America. The facts quoted in the post are accurate. I share the disgust and anger of most liberals with these countless conservative mistakes, many of which are monumental. The use of disgusting language and name calling however gives the right-wing a soft landing when complaints of the same nature are made against them. If things continue in this direction with both sides of the political arena sinking ever lower with verbal bashing and name calling, we just might begin to resemble our Middle Eastern neighbors who've been fighting their own for centuries. I'm not suggesting we all get nice when debating these issues that are so upsetting. What I am saying is we can still get our point across without regressing into vile language and name calling. This left-winger is ashamed of the fact that some actually think we make a stronger point when we lower ourselves to gutter trash language and name calling to reinforce our opinions. Does Redneck Liberal envision our political society eventually getting along with each other enough to let the democratic process move forward? From the language used it sounds as if he? wants the rift to rupture and worsen. I hope Americans continue to have differences of opinions and ideas. The downside of this hope is that domestic and world issues may be the worst we've seen in generations. So bad in fact that it will take our entire body of citizenry, all of us trying to work together so that problems can be solved, if not avoided. The biggest red-neck presidents we've ever had are Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and (without argument) Dubya. The first two at least had the intelligence to avoid verbal bashing when trying to influence policy. Too bad the current one doesn't understand this. If we all continue to hammer at the other side with such contempt, that "loud sucking sound" Ross Perot coined will be us swirling in a veritable cesspool and unable/unwilling to improve our opportunity at home and abroad.


I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it.

John Stuart Mill (May 20 1806 – May 8 1873)